Care with Dignity

Our overall aim is to provide outstanding levels of care for our residents which we  further achieve by  focusing  on the overall happiness of our staff. High levels of employee morale everyday we firmly believe leads to a harmonious environment  for both residents and their families. Our team of fully qualified nurses provide 24  hour care to the very highest standards where we work closely with local health care professionals . Not only do we provide care but help our residents to maintain their mobility and independence as much as possible.


We believe in the best quality of life for those who suffer from dementia.  Our staff are all qualified specialists in the field.  They are chosen for their sensitivity, warmth and empathy. They build a profound and meaningful relationships with every single resident and provide for their needs through intimate understanding.

Dementia is progressive. Symptoms may gradually get worse and affect each person in a different way. We give our residents an active, fulfilled life and give their relatives the confidence they are as happy as they can be. 

In short, our job is to make residents and relatives smile and we never give up in that endeavour.

Hawksyard priory Care Home Staff Respite Care


Families or carers need time off.  Elderly patients often need specialised care for post-operative recovery. We know patients get a new lease of life from a brief change of scenery where every comfort is attended to. Those who take this opportunity invariably choose to extend their stay with us to relish the comfort and our high levels of attention.

The high morale of a well-motivated team provides the bedrock of a harmonious experience for residents and their families. The outstanding level of care we provide is founded on the happiness of our staff.

Our team of fully qualified nurses provide 24-hour care to the highest standards.  Working closely with local health professionals, they are determined to keep residents as mobile and independent as they possibly can.


Our priority is for the long term, elderly guests of Hawksyard Priory to feel at home. It is a comfortable and secure place where everyone is respected and valued. We make the most of our wealth of experience to improve the quality of life in a relaxed and homely environment with plans for care, activities and menus tailored for the needs and wishes of each individual.

In partnership with residents and relatives, we deliver high quality, independent living. We arrange regular visits from our dedicated medial professionals including GP, physiotherapist, chiropodist, dentist and optician.  Trips to the hospital are minimal.

The facilities and staff at Hawksyard Priory make living for the elderly more manageable, more enjoyable and more fulfilling.

Interested in becoming a resident at Hawksyard Priory?

  • Lounges
  • Church
  • Visiting Library
  • In-house laundry
  • 2 Passenger lifts
  • Nurse Call System
  • 24 Hour Nursing Care
  • Daily Activities
  • High Quality Home
  • Cooking
  • Unrestricted visiting
  • Organised Outings
  • Hairdresser
  • Entertainment
  • Extensive Grounds
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