Our Church

In 1893 the Dominican Order built the priory within the grounds of the Hawksyard Estate. The church itself was built between 1896 and 1914 for the Dominican Order by the architect Edward Goldie. It consists of a hammer beam roof with eight bays of large perpendicular windows, with a facade of the Royal Chapel type, and a fan vaulted chapel on the south side.The Church is very much a part of life at our home and serves as a place of worship for residents, staff and friends and family.. There are regular events that take place throughout the year including Christmas seervices, Rememberance Sunday, Baptisms and more.

Memorial Service

We think the church adds something special to the home in terms of the environment for our patients and their families. As you can see from the gallery below it has so many beautiful features  that keep you entranced from the moment you enter the building.

Interested in becoming a resident at Hawksyard Priory?

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